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H# 295, Flat# 1/A, Holy Lane, Shyamoli
Dhaka, 1207

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The following courses are provided in IntelleHub Inc.& CRDW
(Cloud Research & Development Wing).

JDC -> Junior Developers Course
Course Span:
ICT for 11th & 12th Standard Syllabus

ADC : Advanced Developers Course

Phase 1:
Advanced OS usage (Linux & Windows Server)
Basics of Server Administration
Basics of Web Programming (PHP, ASP.NET)
Basics of Desktop Programming (C,C++)
Basics Of Database Systems (MySQL, MSSQL
Basic UI Designing
Basics of MVC Programming

Phase 2:
Software Architecture
Database Architecture
Responsive UI Designing
jQuery, jQuery UI

Phase 3:
PHP Frameworks (CodeIgniter/Laravel/Yii)
Frontend Frameworks (Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation 5)

Professional Developers Course (PDC)
Agile Software Development
Version Controlling using SVN
Collaboration with Git
Issue Tracking with JIRA
Database Object Relational Mapping (ORM)
Mustache/Template Engines
*** Hands on real life projects.
*** Grooming by real professionals

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